Sunday, April 30, 2017

Today's Darkroom Work

Today in the dark I did the secondary printing (bleaching and toning) on the first 2 - 20x24 prints for the "TRUMPET" exhibition. The plan is to wash and dry them tonight then take them to work and do the spotting matting and framing there. By weeks end I expect to have 2 of the "TRUMPET" photographs ready to exhibit as well as 1 of the "HEALING PROCESS" pics.

Tonight I will continue washing the 10 prints I have (will choose the best 2 to exhibit) then start working on "TRUMPET" exhibition number print 3. The 3rd print is from a 6x7 neg, a size I have not printed in several years. I still need to find 2-35mm negs from 2 older 2013 dump photographs . I have nice framed 16x20 version prints of these negs that hung in 2 previous shows (Louie Gallery and in Rosebud) but was hoping to print them to 20x24 as well. It would be nice if I could have my 5 prints all measuring 20x24 in white metal frames.