Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Walking Into A Photograph!

This morning after work I spent maybe 30-40 minutes looking at the single stereograph I own, a 3D stereograph image of the Banff Springs Hotel I have (1900). There is a real magic to these things. I feel like I can walk right into that 3D photographed world, time machine like. Everything seems so surreal but yet real at the same time. I find the look and feel of stereographs SIMPLY MAGICAL!!! I am very excited at what I might create in this new type (for me) of photography!

I am buying a bunch more of these Stereographs online now, in a month or so I should have well over a 100 of these things to look and, and dream through. The wonders of photography never end, they just grow and grow!

"Ain't Photography Grand!!"