Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Found Most Of The Negs, Am Set And Ready To Rumble In The Dark

I have found all the dump negs I need except 2 and those I believe are in a binder with  printing instruction sheets taped to them (from the earlier exhibition). I am now set and moving ahead with my "TRUMPET" and "Healing Process" darkroom work.

I never did any actual printing last night but now everything is lined up and ready to go. I did all the necessary ground work. Dug out and got the buried 5x7 Durst enlarger and got it working, put in the neg, attached my foot pedal to the 5x7 enlarger timer. Found almost all the negatives (a big job!). Tidied up and arranged the darkroom for a long printing session.

Now a little nap, then going to take mom to visit dads and her parents graves at 1pm. I will probably come back and take a second nap ( am big on napping) before I go for it and do an all night printing session.  My goal is to have at least the first printing sessions done for 2 of the "TRUMPET" exhibition prints by Monday before I go back to my security guard night gig.

Will post some pics of the printing over the next 4 days for you all out there in internet land. Maybe even a video.

Note* My NHL Oilers are playing their first playoff game in 11 years tonight. Will be watching that game as well, it should be loads of fun!