Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Becoming A Wet Plate Photography Teacher?

I was thinking of ways to fund my coming retirement wet plate project "Oh Canada"/
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It is going to take a ton of silver to make the larger ambrotype plates I plan (35x35 inch?). It is going to also be quite expensive to travel the country making the ambrotypes/wet plates. How to do it all? How to PAY FOR IT ALL?

I was hoping that I could apply for and receive some grant money from various government art groups but that seems a bit of a long shot at best, something that I should NOT rely on. A more practical common sense way to earn money for the project would be to do wet plate workshops in my cube van darkroom country wide. The idea would to first learn the process very well (5 plus years of intensive shooting, study and production) then to offer workshops to students across Canada. I could go to an area of the country to do my own personal work and then teach workshops at these same locals. Or I could stop along the way at a Canadian city, give a workshop, then proceed to my shooting location. I would probably make $1500-$3000 CAD per workshop given. Wet plate work shops are much sought after by students and expensive to take.

Teaching wet plate workshops is worth more thought. The idea of earning photo teaching money to then make more ambrotypes/tintypes is appealing. It seems just right, one need feeding the other. To be able to also spread knowledge and my love for wet plate and photography in general is also a great reason to do it.

"Ain't Photography Grand!!"