Monday, April 3, 2017

Photo Idea: Stereographic Photo-Audio Exhibtion?

My mind is always going in a thousand directions of excitement when it comes to photography. Here is the latest weird ass idea.

Making socially signifcant stereograph photographs and then exhibiting them in galleries to raise awarenss, donations and to educate. I might be able to do an stereograph exhibition in combination with recorded audio of some kind. Maybe sounds from the world I photograph in or individual interviews of my subjects. Found sounds in the dump could include, bull dozers, wild dogs, chatting people, singing, children playing etc.

To shoot the stereo work, I will need to experiment with various stereo cameras then create stereo photographs in my darkroom. I would need to make stereographs, never done that before. I have no idea if this would work or not, I think it might, To exhibit the 3D photos I might try using large stereoscopes like in the photo below (if they work with the photos?). The gallery would have 2 or 3 of these things on tables, and the gallery viewer could look at the various stacked images, portraits of bar workers, or dump familes, childern, adults, slum dwellers, monks, temples, general landscapes, wild dogs....WHATEVER!

I think a exhibition like this would create a uniqe, informative, dramatic 3D-sound experience for the viewer. As always more thought needed.

"Ain't Photography Grand!!" The excitement NEVER ENDS!

Update* This stereoscope-audio idea could also be a side section, an add on to a major straight 2 dimentional photography show. If I can find a larger gallery/museum to the show the work. Film could also be added at some point. 2D photographs (large and small), Stereographs with viewers, sound and film. Now that would be a great show. Heck while I am at it, I could throw in the dump artifacts I collected by hand from the garbage.

German optics stereoscope