Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Bought Me A Soviet Made FED 3 Camera

Bought me a 3rd Soviet era camera today a FED 3, cost $20 USD plus $22 USD for shipping. Yes the shipping cost more than the camera! I  bought it from the same seller as myfirst 2 Soviet cameras, Zorki, Chaika ll, Love these old USSR cameras, even if they break down (very likely) I can use them as show pieces. The seller Alex in the Ukraine repairs and gives all his cameras a CLA. I am hoping to get a couple of years use out of these things. My Zorki is built like a tank, hopefully the FED will be of similar strength. Heck if they break down I can use them to prop up my car if I need to change the tires :)).

Here is the FED I bought:

My new and very old FED 3 camera