Friday, April 28, 2017

Printing A Variation For "TRUMPET"

I had all kinds of difficulties printing the father and daughter (groom and his daughter) photograph chose by the Latitude 53 jury. I decided to instead print a much sharper variation of that photograph. A negative shot a few seconds later.

I actually like this variation better than the original as the father (groom) makes direct eye contact with the viewer. The composition is also a bit tighter resulting in the baby girl being a bit bigger.

This negative is proving to be quite difficult, using all the darkroom skills I have trying to bring it to life. Three different printing grades (#2-3-4 filters), 3 burning masks, 2 different f-stops, 5 dodges, 4 burns.

Here is photograph I am working on. It is print #2 for "TRUMPET".

3rd attempt at the "Groom With Daughter" photograph, Mae Sot Dump Thailand 2016