Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Multi Tasking In Confusion

Today spent several hours looking through negs trying to find the ones I need for the "Trumpet" exhibition. I found 1, the family group 5x7 neg. I will work on that print first, starting tomorrow.  I also flattened 7 of the "Healing Process" finished 20x24 prints of dad. Will choose the best ones next week at work and spot, mat and frame them. The third task was to upload an unfinished TEST copy of the exhibition magazine "Tears of a Butterfly-The Photographs of Gerry Yaum" to Blurb. I want to see what things look like (too contrasty? too dark?) before I complete the mag. I will only do one test. The next one should be the keeper.

I hope I can find all the negs I need for "TRUMPET", will continue looking over the next week. I really need to get better organized. Often the hardest part of making a exhibition print is finding the damn negative. Have misplaced several important negatives over the years.

Need to get to bed soon, got my last (hopefully last) dental appointment tomorrow. Will be getting my 2 gold crowns installed. Wonder if the dental work will screw up my printing attempt tomorrow night. If I am in pain I might not feel much like printing.

Update* I did not order the blurb TEST magazine. It seems the mag will not arrive back at my home until May 16, meaning I will not have enough time to send it out. receive it again before the "TRUMPET" opening night. I will have to take a chance and complete the mag as best I can and then send it out next week. That should mean the completed mag will arrive 1 week or so before the opening. I hope it looks good, am sort of flying blind here without a test. I will have time to improve it before the "Healing Process" exhibition.

We will do the best we can and hope for a good result.