Friday, April 28, 2017

Will Use The 5x7 Prinzdorf For Family Portraits

Another reason I wanted to get this latest camera was to continue to shoot family portraits in the dump. I found the format of a 5x7 negative was near perfect in shape (the same dimensions as a 35mm neg) to capture family groups along with the environmental surroundings they live in. That format with a 120mm lens creates the space and sense of location I like in a group portrait. Using this camera in the dump and in various other locations will be fun. I am also thinking of taking it to the Muay Thai gym in Bangkoks Klong Toey slum.

This camera could be a very important tool this coming trip, it will give will give me a lighter option to use at times, and cheaper film formats to use. I am very happy I won that auction. I can use the same Gitzo carbon tripod with Chinese made Luland head for both "Eddie" my 8x10 Deardorff and the new 4x5-5x7 Prinzdorf camera (Deardorff copy).

Here is a sample of what type of photo I want to make again and again in the dump next trip, of different family groups. I will use the 5x7 Prinzdorf camera. The photograph below is part of the "TRUMPET" exhibition at Latitude 53 gallery opening June 3. I made a 20x24 inch version print for the show.

Dump family group, 5x7 Tri-x with 120mm Nikon Lens, April-May 2016