Friday, April 7, 2017

Exhibition Magazine , Needs To Go On Fast Track!

Am glad I already did some work over the last while on the Blurb magazine. I wanted to print it for the "Healing Process" exhibition in August. Now I also need it quickly for the "TRUMPET" show in June! I have to send something to the printer as soon as next week to do some early tests, then move on from there. If I can have this 100-200 photo "Tears of a Butterfly - The Photographs of Gerry Yaum" magazine done and ready by the end of May then I can use it for my 2 summer exhibitions, not just 1.

Will work some more on it tonight, Saturday and Sunday. Maybe I can send out a preliminary attempt next week some time. I worry I have made the images too contrasty. What will it look like printed? I am also thinking of including some of the bargirl shortime sex room portrait series from 2003 and the later sex worker portraits (male, female, ladyboy) made with the Hasselblad and ring flash (2008?). All those photos are in colour so it would be a change of pace for the viewer of the mag. I do not think I have larger file sizes for many of those images, so if I do include them they would have to be laid out 2 or 4 to a page. Not sure how that will look. I will experiment a bit and see where it leads.

The idea beind this Yaum retrospective-best of magazine is for people who visit the show to see a wider variety of my lifetimes work. Am hoping that will lead to more shows, bought/collected prints etc. Maybe someone who visits these 2 exhibitions will take notice and things will progress in a positive way from that point. I so want those people in those photographs to be recognized and remembered. Many of the sex workers might  have passed from HIV/AIDS. The photographic records I made of them might be the only thing that remains of who they were. THEIR STORIES MUST TO BE TOLD!!