Thursday, April 27, 2017

Learning To Verbalize My Art

I tend to not like to talk too much about my art and what it means. I try not to play the know it all pompous, arrogant "ARTISTE!". I always found those types of folk a tad nauseating. But it is important to be able to articulate your inner artistic motivations and feelings, hopes and thoughts. Those feelings can be seen in the art, but sometimes the artist needs to help the viewer along a little bit (not too much but a bit), through his shared words (Artist Statement).

A few minutes ago I had a long telephone conversation with Chris from the VAA. I had sent him the written form to his questions last night before sleeping, today I spoke to him in person at length. Chris questioned me in some detail while sharing some thoughts on my answers, on my photographs, some feelings on the work, the emotional reaction he had to it etc.

My talk with Chris was inspiring, he got me to think and speak in a more open and honest way about my art work, my photographs, my motivations, my hopes for the photographs etc. Today's telephone conversation is all part of the process of improving and growing in your art form and as an artist. Some people know exactly what they are doing and why and can verbalize that naturally. Others like myself, are more instinctive in their creativity, they work from the heart, so that when it comes to verbalizing what they are doing and why it is difficult for them. Chris helped me down the road to a greater understanding of what I am doing and why. I knew deep inside me how and why I do what I do, but now I think I can express it a better, I can verbalize my inner motivations and feelings a tad better. Learning to do artist talks, artist statements, speaking to curators, press interviews and interacting with gallery visitors is all part of the process of artistic-creative growth.

My talk today with Chris helped me to take an important step forward into the greater world of what it is to be a true visual artist. Thank you Chris, and thank you Visual Arts Alberta and Latitude 53 Gallery.

Note* One of the reasons I opened this blog was for the same purpose. Writing constantly here on these pages (some say too much) has helped me to gain a greater understanding of what I am doing and why.