Sunday, April 23, 2017

Inspiring Ambrotypes By Tushar Joshi

So often when I find YouTube vids of wet plate photography, it is all technique and gadgets, rarely do the photos move me. Here is a link to a photographer in India, Mr Tushar Joshi who makes great imagery, moving imagery with the simplest of tools. And after all is that not what it is all about! The creative piece of art you have at the end of the process! Everything else does not matter in the end. His project is titled "Sanakari", looking at the images in the video is very imspiring for me. I have hope to something of similar strength and consequence in my eventual "Oh Canada" project.
Behind the scenes- Wet Plate collodion By Tushar Joshi

Ambrotype by Tushar Joshi from his project "Sanakari"