Monday, April 3, 2017

Box Of Childrens Toys :)

Found out from a coworker today that she has already collected a box of toys (from her daughter) to donate to the children of the dump. Today when we spoke she asked me when my next trip would be because she wanted to donate them.

It is amazing how simple acts of kindness like that can bring so many smiles to others. The children in the dump will devour those toys. All the good that has happened there is a direct result of photography, who says documentary photographs can't do good!

I plan on sending out a plant wide email about 2 months before I go to Thai, asking for more donations. I will then collect and take as many hats, toys, dollars etc as I can in my check in baggage. Then distribute eveything during my next time with my Burmese friends who live and work the garbage. Every little bit, big and small helps the families.