Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Ouch!! Photo Paper So Expensive!

I bit the bullet and bought a second box of 50 sheet Ilford warmtone fiber 20x24 paper, cost $396.41 USD. That includes free shipping form New York (B&H) as well as the duty and taxes. I was trying to avoid buying 1 more box of this paper until after my trip but with this second show, in the end I bought 2 more boxes.

I needed more photo paper to get the job done. Some of the negs I am working on are proving particularly difficult to print which is using up paper at a higher rate. Hate to pay so much for this stuff but it is part of the process. Shows cost money to produce and the funds you get back from the gallery (especially if your donating that money to your subjects as I do) does not nearly match what your paying out to get the prints made.

I now have 2 boxes of 50 sheets being shipped to me, at least I saved $90 USD on the first box which was older and had been sitting in the store for a while. I wonder how big a seller these large boxes of large paper are? Anyway, I should now have enough paper to print the two shows. What happens if I get a third? The first box should arrive sometime this week, the box I ordered today with 2 weeks.

Note* I do have some sheets of 20x24 Ilford Classic (neutral tone) paper in the darkroom, but I dislike how that paper looks. This last week off I tried printing on it to bad results. The Ilford warmtone stuff is so much more pleasing to my eye. Unfortunately it is also the most expensive multigrade fiber paper that Ilford makes.