Sunday, April 23, 2017

Another Bad Dad Dream

Fell asleep around 730am woke up at 753am after another bad dad dream. I was in a room in mom and dads home. In their basement was a room my sister and I uses to call the "playhouse". I was standing in it and thinking of converting it into a photo workspace, in the dream my the room even had running water. Then all of a sudden I was upstairs in the kitchen talking to my father, mom was in background but not speaking. I could hear dads voice very clearly, then asked him a question, seeking his help. He answered my question, he sounded happy and normal, like he was really with us again, just like before. It was all do REAL! Then in the dream I new dad was dead. I ran over and hugged him with both arms very tightly, and started crying uncontrollably. I yelled out over and over again how much I missed him. My father said nothing. I kept crying, yelling and holding him a bit longer then woke up with a sudden start here in my home.

Unsettling dream, the worst I have had for a while, there was a tear in my eye when I woke. I will try to sleep again. I have 1 more night shift to go,