Sunday, April 9, 2017

Oops Bought Myself A Vintage Iloca Stereo Camera With Case And Accessories

I overpaid on this auction, actually did not want to win it. I bid on this package about one week ago, before I was properly or at least semi properly educated about Stereo cameras. I overbid, then won the auction much later at my top bid price. This is probably a mistake, do not even know if the camera works! Hope I can use the included tripod. Cost of the auction was $81 CAD and $23 for shipping to Canada. Hope I can get some value from this, there was another person in the world willing to pay $80 for it. Need to curtail my eBaying now, losing control a bit here! When you start buying things you don't want, accidentally or not, it is time to STOP BIDDING.

Update* Maybe I can sell a few of the accessories for a few bucks.

Here is more info on the Iloca stereo camera history.

 Iloca Stereo Camera