Wednesday, April 12, 2017

I Got My Stereoscope And IT WORKS!!

I got my "German 50-60s Stratex Zeiss Stereopret Aerial Photo Stereoscope in Case" today and the thing works for me, in fact it works great!!! This device will now become my main tool for viewing the stereo photos I make. I might also be able to use it when and if I exhibit the work.

To test the stereoscope I used tiny photo copied stereo image I made with my Russian 120mm stereo camera a few years back. An important technique tip I learned over the last few days from my stereo photo mentor Bernard was that you need to place the right lens photo on the left side and the left lens photo on the right side (when viewing with a stereoscope).After putting it all together I was then able to maneuver the 2 separate images until they merged into 1 3D photograph. SUPER COOL!! I love looking at these stereo 3D images. This stereo thingy is coming together and is going to be loads of fun. I hope I can create important moving documentary images this way. I am not sure that has been done before. Am not sure stereograph photos have ever evolved much beyond the gimmick, cutesy-tootsy type thing.

I will now be able to experiment with many aspects to making better stereo photos.

- I think I now own 8 different stereo cameras. I need to find what works best for me. That camera or cameras will come with me to Asia.
- Size of printed photographs. Big or maller? Square formats?
- Compositions leading to best 3D effect. How to make the 3D effects look really good, adding depth.
- Different photo surfaces (glossy, pearl, mat). How does the surface affect the look?
- Contrasts? What works best contrast wise to give effective images.
- Toning for effect (sepia, blue, purple etc.). Does warmtones make the photos more effective? The subject more human?
- Types of photo papers, RC, Fiber and all the combinations there in. What works best?

Here is a link to the original blog store about the stereocope I bought.