Saturday, April 22, 2017

Bought Me A 1/9th Ambrotype, Man In Top Hat With Soft Eyes

Picked up this sweet eyed 1/9th ambrotype today for $21 plus shipping (seller was asking $24.99). I love the look in this mans eyes, a quiet softness and beauty to him. This is the type of portrait I hope to make when I start doing my wet plate work. I wonder who he was? He looks, mischievous but kind hearted. What kind of life did he lead? How old was he when he died? Who did he love? Who loved him? What adventures did he have? What made him happy and sad? A nice portrait of a forgotten man, like the hat, suit-tie, and cigar as well.

Note* I plan to carry a bunch of these older ambrotypes with me when I do the "Oh Canada" wet plate project. An inspiration from the past so to speak!! I will see what has been done before and try  to emulate and surpass it.
Man in Top Hat with soft eyes.