Wednesday, April 12, 2017

"TRUMPET" Exhibition Printing Options

I have two of the prints for "TRUMPET" ready made framed and matted in 16x20 form (part of an earlier Larry Louie gallery show). The way I see it I have three options, 3 different ways to proceed with my "TRUMPET" printing

1) I can leave the 16x20 prints as is and go with 2 small 16x20s and make 3 large 20x24s with the other neg

2) I can make all the prints submitted including the older negs into 20x24s.

3) I can leave the 16x20 prints as is, and print 5-20x24, 3 of the images I submitted and they chose, as well as 2 brand new images I like. Then I can present 7 framed photographs to the gallery people and let them decide which 5 to exhibit.

I have lots of nice 5x7 and 120mm negs that would make beautiful, strong photos for tbe show. I am thinking of doing these 2 these as extras. I think I know where all of these negs are, so that would not be an issue.

Here are some possible choices: (I am leaning to 1-3-6).