Friday, April 7, 2017

Will Make BIG PRINTS For The "TRUMPET" Exhibition

Emailed with Chris from the VAA today, looks like I have options in how I can print the "TRUMPET" show. I can go large 20x24 all all 5 prints or do a mixture of smaller (16x20) and larger (20x24).

I think I need to at least try to go large. Larger prints will have more strength and inpact I think. I need to buy more photo paper. B&H has a sale on some older 20x24 warmtone fiber phtoo paper on sale now (older box sitting on the shelves for a while?) $249.95 USD versus $343.95 USD (new box). I think I will take a chance on the older box and save the $94 USD. Shipping is free on this item to Canada, but I will need to pay duty and taxes.

I just thought of something the $400 I am getting for the show would have paid for this paper. I think thou I need to pay for it with my security guard pay and donate the artist fee. Just the right thing to do, so got to do it. The gods of Karma gave my bike back a while ago, need to repay them :) and also of course the wonderful families in the dump who opened up and shared their lives with me.

I will that one box of paper today and then move use it to print the 5  20x24 prints for the "Trumpet" Show. I hope 50 sheets will be enough paper. I have another box with some sheets in it but need those to finish the dad "Healing Process" printing. I probably should by 2 boxes of 50 sheets but trying to skimp by here a bit. I also have some different brand 20x24 still sitting in my darkroom I could use in a pinch. Not sure how good that paper is, not sure how it will exhibit next to the Ilford warmtone, might look way different.

I am happy thou that I can print large! And show in my largest frames, "Trumpet is going to be GOOD!"

Update* I piggy-backed some Direct Positive Ilford/Harmon Paper on this order. Got 25 small 4x5 sheets. Just wanted to play with the stuff, been hearing good things. If I like it will try going bigger.
Ilford Harman Direct Postive 4x5 Paper