Thursday, April 27, 2017

Bought Me A-Prinzdorf 5x7 Field Camera

Bought yet another wooden field camera, this one also can do both 5x7 and 4x5 sizes. I was not going to bid on it but then I thought if I took it with me on my Thai trip I could shoot 4x5, 5x7 as well as 8x10 in the dump. Could not resist it so put in what I thought was a relatively low bid of $644 USD, ended up getting it for $621 USD (plus shipping).

This camera is called a "Prinzdorf" which is some kind of Deardorff copy cat but much cheaper, Deardorff 5x7s usually sell for around $2000 USD. I think this will be a great user camera that should be reliable and of reasonably good quality . Because of its relatively cheaper price (compared to a Deardorff 5x7), I can take it into all kinds of shooting situations with no fear. Places like the dump are a perfect shooting environment for it.

I thought I would also use it as a teaching camera for my view camera workshops! The students can learn-compose and focus upside down (no prism finder to correct things). I also do not have to worry about the students breaking my beautiful Linhof 2000 (a $2000+ dollar body). This camera also has broader movements, which will be great for the workshop folk to play with and learn on.

Here are some shots of the latest in long line of camera buys. This baby is coming with me to Asia for 6 months of shooting. I think I am going to love this camera very much, will have to give it a name like my 8x10.

Note* The lens is NOT included in the deal.

My new-used Prinzdorf 5x7 (4x5) view camer