Friday, April 7, 2017

Leica R Lens Hood

I got the Leica R 60mm f2.8 lens hood a few days back, bought it off eBay from a shop in Germany. Lots of money for not very much (kind of ugly too) but a necessary item to help protect the lens and cut down on flare issues, improve contrast a bit in the neg. I attached it to the 60mm f2.8 R lens already, it will stay there till I need to change out the filter. Leica sure does make high end gear, the lens hood fits snugly and perfectly. Doubt I will get that kind of precision out of my ZORKI Soviet Leica M rangefinder copy camera (Copy of the Leica 2 I believe).

The Leica R6 with 60mm f2.8 macro lens will be one of my main shooting tools during the LEAVE trip, got to get it just right before leaving. The lens is a bit stiff in the focusing, was going to send it in for a CLA but am worried about the cost. Maybe I can do without it.