Saturday, April 8, 2017

Bought Me 3, YES 3, Stereo Cameras!!!!!

Well I have dived into Stereo Photography full speed, as I always tend to do when it comes to photo things. Today I bought 3 Stereo cameras, all in wonderful condition and also found a new friend along the way. The seller is an 80 year old gentleman from Florida who spent 40 years living in France. He is a experienced Stereo photographer and has exhibited extensively. I am buying 3 of his cameras. Bernard the seller is willing to teach me a process to view stereographs in a gallery setting ecalled the "Wheatstone Process" (more on that later).

I am paying a total of $600 USD (plus the bank transfer fee) for the 3 cameras with free shipping. Here are the 3 cameras, aren't they beautiful! The goal is to use at least one of these tools to make documentary style images next trip, then get that work exhibited. This could and should lead to a new and very exciting way of seeing. Here are the cameras:

First the "Veriscope F40", possibly the best camera ever made for 35mm stereo photography (at least in that time period, 1940s), $300 USD. It can sinc with modern flashes.

My Veriscope F40 Camera
Next up is the "Revere Stereo 33", 1953, $175 USD.
My Revere Stereo Camera

Finally the Stereo Realist, 1947-71, $125
My Stereo Realist Camera