Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Bought Me A Russian Zorki C With Industar 22 Lens

Nothing says QUALITY like Soviet Union glass and camera manufacturing. I invested in the great tradition of Soviet cameras today and bought a Zorki!, yes a ZORKI!! All of you folks out there in photo land, try not to die of envy and jealousy! I have one of these masterpieces, and you don't!

All kidding aside this is a fun little camera, I bought on the spur of the moment before sleeping today. It will be intersting to play with, it is supposedly repaired and 100% operational. It has some weird scratches on the lens (see photo) and is super cool looking. I will try to use it, and if it does not work to well I will simply place it in my darkroom as a fun historical keepsake from a past photographic era.

Grand total for this camera buy?, $32 USD, and $22 for shipping from the Ukraine to Canada. Ultra cheap! The price of a tank of gas bought me a fun historic camera. Hopefully I can make some funky pictures with it. If I can I will try buying another camera from the same seller, who seems like a good honest dedicated person. The Zorki is a copycat camera of early Leica's. I guess there was a automatic 5-10% SCRAP rate on these things (love that word, SCRAP!). Hopefully I can use this camera to make some good and or funky photos, cameras need to be shot, even ones from the Soviet Union that are 60+ yers old.

Here is the sellers write up, a fun read. I placed his link below in case any of you want to buy from this fellow as well. This should be great!

      Welcome on the my mini-shop! 
So here you will find, i sell almost 100 percent of the Soviet photographic equipment. 
This is a specific product and has a few moments. 
Almost all items, except otherwise indicated, are sold as serviceable. I point directly and without ambiguities. 
This means, that I am ready for sale, repairs and give a guarantee on new things. 
While they have an age of 20-60 years and more. 
But that's not all. Soviet photo cameras and other equipment was not initially a high level of quality. 
In the photo industry was normal scrap rate of 5-10 percent during the warranty period. 
After accounting guarantee was not conducted. Some camera models have a massive marriage. 
It is difficult to understand a man, who had never lived in the Soviet Union. But it is! 
Some camera models returned for repairs almost completely. 
Some examples: Kiev-17, Almaz-103, Elikon-Autofocus...
I have worked in service for many years and I know whereof I speak. 
Of course, if I sell my stuff with so many complaints, my account would be simply blocked. 
But I'm interested to work honestly and with high quality. 
According to it manages. 
Why is that? The answers are simple. 
Quality service with original spare parts. Careful control in several steps. 
Further. I do not sell at all, or sold with a limited warranty problem camera model. This camera I point especially in the description.
Still, problems happen. Absolutely reliable things do not exist. 
Plus damage in transit. Plus mishandling. 
Of course, in the event of a claim eBay always on the side of the buyer. 
In such cases - the loss of money by me. This is the reality, and they happen. 
But malice in this, in any case, the thing was bought by me and it is embedded in labor. 
Thus, the error has to pay their own money, and rightly so. 
Single story - fedbak nomination. I work in the service industry for almost 30 years and have a certain reputation. 
I already have a certain reputation in Ebay - anyone can see them. 
Of course, there are conflicts where emotions prevail. 
The thing does not work, or something does not meet expectations, or other reasons. 
But ... every negative fedbak falls heavily on reputation. 
It is also necessary to understand the buyer.
I think it will always be able to find a solution, if such happens. 
It is enough to contact me directly.
About the condition.

   I use the following scale state of things:

New - Like new - Mint(+,-) - Excellent(+, - ) - Good working - As is. 

A separate listing of technical condition. As a rule, I sell things in working order. 

At the lens state. Soviet lenses, even new, ones can have some cosmetic flaws. 

I put the original document Krasnogorsk optical plant. 

It regulates the amount of defects in NEW LENSES. 

As is clear from this document, glass state has never been perfect.
See translate: 
Lens modern, high-quality lenses manufacturing
 from special varieties of optical glass, in 
cooking is usually not possible to avoid gas 
 bubbles. They can always be seen in the complex photo-
graphic lenses. These bubbles do not affect the 
the quality of the lens. Furthermore, Soviet GOST standards allow 
Availability: opaque inclusions up to 0.5 mm 
not more than 6 pcs., some scratches width to 0.02 - 0.03 mm 
and no longer than half the diameter of the lens in the light amount 
3 pieces, specks of up to 0.3 mm in diameter and the number of not more than 
2 pcs., Lint cotton no longer than 3 mm and not more than the number 
2 pcs. one lens. 
Therefore, the plant does not accept complaints about the bubbles 
in lenses and purity acceptable defects or exchange 
such lenses. 
Quality control department 
Krasnogorsk mechanical plant 
I usually point out even minor defects. 
This may deter a buyer, but I have to say that such defects have absolutely no effect on image quality.
But many Soviet lenses have excellent optical quality, are made of first-class kinds of glass and had a very affordable price.