Friday, April 14, 2017

Ambrotypes Of The North

Whenever I start to think of buying a new camera the dominating thought in my mind is what kind of unique photographs I can create with only that camera. I guess it is part of the rational process that eventually leads to and helps justify in my mind yet another camera buy.

I have been thinking of what kind of pictures I would want to make with the HL 35x35 ULF view camera (from the Czech Republic). The work of the great Japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimota comes to mind. The simplicity-sparseness of his seascapes I find so utterly beautiful and peaceful.

Hiroshi Sugimota Seascapes
What if I could create something similar but yet very unique and different. My idea would be to create ambrotypes of the Canadian North that have the same type of common visual calmness and beauty to them as the Sugimota seascapes. The vast Canadian plains of the North are like oceans, but instead of water they are endless empty land masses. I do not believe any photographer has done a study of the North in that style, I would be the first, or at worst one of a few. I also might be able to get grant funding to do such a large and important Canadian based project. There might possibly be funding at both the provincial and national level available.

Imagine these pictures, large 24x35 or 35x35 ambrotypes (pictures on glass), one of a kind works that speak to the vastness and tranquil beauty of Canada. I could see work like that in eventual display at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa. Can it be done? Yes I believe it can. Anything is possible if you work hard enough to achieve it.