Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Lighter On My Feet!

After only 5-6 weeks of 2000 or less calories a day, I feel noticeably lighter on my feet. I was able to tighten up one work pants belt loop, my normal after Thai trip configuration last week. Hopefully I can move up another belt loop before October (never been able to do that before), and continue to lose weight in a safe slow manner. I also need to build up some muscle mass, stomach, back, arms and legs to handle the 8x10 camera gear weight better. With lots of bike riding my overall condition and wind should improve somewhat as well.

Things are coming together nicely! I will need every advantage I can muster to handle the workload ahead of me during the 6 month leave in humid, hot Southeast Asia. 53 is rather an older age to carry everything I need to carry, in the dump and elsewhere. Not only do I need to lug all that stuff around Asia, I need to make good creative decisions when I get there. Not being overly worn down and tired will help that creativity.

The goal is 220lbs before I go to Thailand then lose another 10-15 pounds during my time there making pics and the film. Coming back to Canada I hope to way about 205-210lbs. I think this is very doable, I just need the eating discipline and exercise to get it done. Slowly and surely just like the turtle, I plan to win this race. Hopefully I can also create some important photographs and a worthwhile documentary film on that same journey.