Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Got My Soviet USSR Cameras Today!

Got my 2 USSR cameras today, a Zorki (Leica copy) and a Chaika II (1/2 frame camera). Gosh these things are fun to handle and use, cheap and fun! They do not have the cool clear sounds of German made PRECISION Leica's but they work, heck they work quite well at least for now. I only paid $32 USD for the Zorki and $25 for the Chaika. It took me a while to figure out how to load the Zorki, but with the help of a YouTube video (video maker really struggled loading his camera) I was able to get it done fairly quickly.
Loading A Soviet FED Camera With Tri-x

These cameras should be great to shoot, am looking to see what weird ass effects the scratches on the lens have on things. I also bought a adapter from China which will allow me to use the Industar 22 lens on my Leica M bodies. I think I am going to look into buying a cheap FED camera from the same seller in the Ukraine.
Original Zorki Camera Buy Blog
Original Chaika ll Camera Buy Blog

My 2 New USSR Made Beautifies
Note*s The cameras do smell old, I believe the Zorki is 60 year old. They smell a bit like an old tractor factory but heck that is part of their charm! I am not sure how long these things will last but for now "I LOVE THEM!".