Sunday, April 2, 2017

Bought Me A Stereoscope! Bought Me A 3D Camera!!

Went to a antique trade expo today and picked up a bunch of stuff. Three nice older art books, Degas, Expressionists, Rouault( $70), a weird ass Nishika 34 N8000 35mm Camera ($15), 2 LPs  Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin ($8). The coolest buy of the day was a 1920s Stereoscpe with 1 stereo card picture. I also got 2 older non stereo portraits thrown in ($75).

My plan is to try to use my Russian stereo camera to create modern stereoscope images, then use
the viewer to view them. It should be a fun project. I always like to find new ways to see things.

Keystone View Co. Stereoscope, vintage around 1920s

Note* Pictures in this blog are from online, not my versions of the items. My camera is in more banged up condition than the photo, my stereoscope in better newer condition.

Update* Turns out there are new versions of the Nishika selling on Amazon for $97 CAD. Guess it is come kind of toy camera that people still play with and use. Will have to do some more research on it.

Update** Am currently bidding on a number of old stereoscope cards on eBay, big lots of 50 cards each. My idea is to keep the better cards for personal use and to RE-USE the uglier cards for my own photographs. I will  try dry mounting my own stereo prints on top of the old images then use the cards again in my stereoscope viewer, Seems like an idea that MIGHT work depending on how my stereo camera shots turn out. I might have to buy and experiment with a few different stereo camera types. This should be fun. Can start shooting some images next week with the current Russian camera and see there that leads. If it works I will take the stereo camera with me to Asia, shoot in the dump, temples etc. It might lead to an eventual UNIQUE show of exhibition of som kind.

Update*** I cannot stop looking thru my stereoscope at the 1 card I have. A landscape scene of the Banff hotel in Canada, made around 1900. The 3D effect is mesmerizing to me. I wonder if there is a way to go bigger? 11x14 Stereoscopes and cards?

Nishika 3D N8000