Monday, April 17, 2017

8x10 Film Choices

Am thinking of trying and possibly taking a new 8x10 film with me to Thai. Mostly interested in this stuff because of the vast cost difference compared to my favorite film Kodak Tri-x. Tri-x 8x10 runs at $75 USD for 10 sheets and Bergger 400 (like Ilford HP5) costs only $109 USD for 25 sheets. Never show Bergger film before but ordered some 4x5 stuff (on back order now) to test out before the trip. If I like it I might buy 100 or so sheets to take with me to Thai along with the Tri-x I have in frozen. HP5 is also an option that I could buy to fill a need.

I wonder if it would be smarter to take 1/2 my Tri-x 8x10 stock with me this trip and fill in the rest with much cheaper Bergger or Ilford. I can then use the other 1/2 of the very expensive Tri-x at another date.
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Another recently discovered option is Fomapan 400
Fomapan 400 8x10 Film on B&H
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