Sunday, April 9, 2017

Bought Me A 5x7 French Mahogany / Brass Tailboard Camera

I just paid for a 5x7 French Mahogany/Brass Tailboard Camera, with lens board.Was only half interested bidding on this camera but got it at a reasonable price. It will be my 5x7wet plate camera for the future "Oh Canada" major wet plate project. I might be able to use my historic Carl Vandyke brass lens with this body, not sure if it quite covers 5x7, but it would be a great old and historic combo. I can already see it mentioned in the "Artist Statement" for the project.

I still need to get a a wet plate holder for this camera which I am a bit worried about but I think it can be bought on eBay or made on the side by a current builder. Got the camera for the very reasonable price of $139.99 CAD with $34 CAD shipping from England. I see this as a potential workhorse camera on "Oh Canada" project, especially for quick cheaper (less silver) portraits. Glad I got it, now just have to figure out the holder. My Petzval Vandyk lens (possibly used to photograph Queen Victoria, and the King of Thailand) mounted on this camera could prove a lethally great combo! I could photograph the queens and kings of Northern Canada with it! It is all so exciting!

Here is the camera advert from the eBay seller.

5x7 inch (approx 12x18cm) Tailboard camera.
Probably very late 19th or early 20th century.
Mahogany, with brass fittings.
No maker's identification, but it is almost certainly French.
Cloth type black bellows with cherry red leather edging.
No Lens, but does have the original Front Panel.
Very nice condition, fully working and no known issues.

Attractive and well made.

My 5x7 French Mahogany/Brass Tailboard Camera