Monday, April 17, 2017

James Nachtway's Book "Inferno", A Truly Great Photographer

Been studying the work of James Nachtway in his supersized book "Inferno" tonight at work. I am a dazzled by his compositions and use of wide angle lens in his 35mm work. His photographs set you off balance, get you to look at the subject in new ways. The book is filled with raw emotion and the style of shooting makes things that much rawer.

If 35mm caameras, Tri-x film are good enough for Eugene W. Smith, Sebastiao Salgado and James Natchtway they should certainly be good enough for me. I will take a bunch of Tri-x with me next trip, and the Leica cameras and see what leads where. The SLR Leicas will allow for closer focusing, the 24mm R lens close up should do some great work. I need to start to see compositions outside of the norm, use composition as a more effective tool then I am right now.

Here is some of the Nachtway photos I am looking at tonight. Nachtway is a truly great photographer

All photos by James Nachtway