Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Should I Print The Dad 5x7 Hand Stare Negative For "Healing Process"??

I found the neg of dad in bed (the linked bleaching video in previous blog). I might print it a second time for "Healing Process", this time to 20x24 . Not sure this the right way to go I might be going a bit to heavy with the last days of dad photographs (too grim?). Maybe I need to do one more prints of him healthier, earlier on in his illness. I do have a good story about this photo that might work well in an Artist talk (dad intentionally helped me, he moved out his hand out to help me get a better more interesting photograph). That story would fit into the theme of the show, how we worked together making the photos. It would also fit into the theme of how making art helped me cope with the difficulties, grief and over powering sadness of losing my father.  How art was part of the "Healing Process".

Will think about it some more. Maybe I can use this hand stare print and drop one of the other serious photos already made, and then print some earlier photographs to balance out the exhibition.

Screen capture of the bleaching video of the 16x20 version of print