Sunday, January 1, 2017

My First C Lens

I bought a adapter ring allowing C mount lens to be used with the micro four thirds Black Magic Pocket Camera mount. Today I bought the first of my C lens to use with the adapter and camera. I want to buy a number of these under $100 to play with and see what I get. The camera with this rather wide-fast lens would be light and easy to shoot in most situations (inside dark dump shack homes?).

Here is the lens I bought, from Poland:

Senco TV Lens 16mm, f1.4 2/3" C-Mount, $38 USD
Note* I still need to get the Black Magic Pocket Camera. I own multiple accessories for this system but still no camera!
Note** I might have some old forgotten lens stored in my home that might work on the Black Magic. I will look into that in the coming weeks.