Thursday, January 26, 2017

My Husky Tool (Video) Bag

This is the bag I got with my BMPCC gear. It is a 14 inch rolling tool heavy tote bag made by Husky. The bag sells for around $80 USD plus shipping on Ebay, because it is designed for heavy tools it is made very well. It should stand up to lots of abuse. I saw a version of this item several years ago at Home Depot and almost bought it. Now I own one in great condition, I plan on using it as my main carry on (airplane) bag next trip. I will put all my more fragile camera gear in it, Canon 5D Mark 3, 2 BMPCC bodies, various lens etc If there is room some film as well thou I might carry all my film and laptop in a seperate carry on backpack.

I might buy the 18 inch version of the Husky at some later date to haul some of my Large format gear. Hey that's a thought! What if when I get to Thai I unload and store my smaller gear in my rental room then load it up this 14 incher with large format tools. I could use it to haul my 8x10 Deardorff body (a present from my father), holders, lens, meter, darkcloth, loupe etc. Would not/could not use it in the dump but in places like Bangkok it might work very well. Using the wheels to move about instead of hauling everything on my back would be way easier.

Here is what the 14 inch Husky bag I got in the EBay package video gear sale looks like:

14 inch rolling tool heavy tote bag made by Husky