Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Email: Screw Them! :)

This is a section from an email with a friend. He was telling me that I should be careful what I say because others might think bad of me.
My friend wrote:
I am telling you that, as a friend I wouldn't want people to get
 the wrong impression.

I wrote:

I do not really care too much what others think, have not most of my life, as I get older I care less and less. Too many people worry about what their friends and family think. I only have 3 people (plus myself) in my life (4 before when dad was around) that I worry about in regards to what they think of me...the rest? who gives a is too short to try to suck up to everyone...Right now I am getting peer pressure to conform and fit in by not taking my leave, making my movie...etc...screw them, screw those with such a limited peer pressure driven vision.. going to do what I want to do. The film and my photographs, and the lives I could and will help are more important to me than conforming to societies norms.