Saturday, December 31, 2016

Rainy Season Anyone?

I might face some rain in Thai when I am there. Got these cheapo emergency bag set ups for that situation. Might use it with the DSLR or the Black Magic Cameras, maybe even the small point and shoot. These were quite cheap and yet way better than what I could manufacture on the spot in Mae Sot. Water and expensive electronic camera gear do not mix well. I bet thou my Leica range finders would work well even in a downpour.

I might also need these bags if I need to go down into water for any reason to get a shot. Maybe following dump kids fishing in dump slew water like I did the last trip.

Dump child fishing (feeling for fish in the mud) in the dump, Mae Soth Thailand 2016
 Gosh with trips and projects like I am planning, you got to think and prepare for pretty much everything.

DSLR Bag $21.99 USD
Camera baggy time, $3.21 USD
Camera sandwich bag $1.99 USD