Sunday, January 8, 2017

Bought Me A 14mm Lumix Lens

I bought a 14mm Panasonic Lumix f2.5 lens for the Blackmagic pocket camera. I guess this lens is designed for these camera's and very small/thin/compact. So auto focus and iris (f-stop) adjustment can be done electronically when using it. The 14mm converts to a field of view about equivalent to a 40mm on a 35mm camera. The cost of the this almost mint lens was $148.50 USD with Free Shipping from Japan. I asked for a $10 discount down from the asking price of $158.80 and got it from the seller.

I hope to use this lens to so quick point and shoot videos, very run and gun stuff. If I carry this camera in my pocket it will be with the lens mounted on the body. I think I  now have everything I require of this camera. The only thing I might still buy is extra storage cards. The recommended 64GB SDXC cards will store only 37 minutes of the very large RAW video files. I got 4 cards in my earlier purchase, 6 or 8 cards might be a better number, heck maybe 10 cards would be best.

I need to make sure I have enough battery power and enough card storage whenever I take the Blackmagic pocket out to shoot. I should have plenty of battery power as each camera I recently bought has an adapted large battery attached to its rig. I think those larger batteries allow about 6 hours shooting per charge. I also have 2 small chargers and 13 small batteries available as backups. That should be more than enough power to cover all of my daily shooting needs.

Update* I bought 2-95MB-S-64GB-SanDisk-Extreme-Pro-SDXC-Class10-U3-SD-Cards. These cards were listed as REFURBISHED and sold for only $20 a piece, NEW cards sell for $37-42. Will see how these REFURB cards work in the Blackmagic cameras, I can always use them in my other devices if they do not meet the BMPPC needs. If they work well I will probably pick up another 2 in this price range. You can never have enough storage cards and batteries.

Update** Also picked up a storage card purse for my SD and CF cards. The various cards I need are expensive and  easy to lose,  having somewhere safe and durable to store them is a must. I cannot afford to lose them in the garbage dump, I would never find them again. One nice feature of the card purse I bought is that it has a belt/clip to attach everything safely to my camera bag.

Panasonic Lumix 14mm f2.5 AF Lens