Sunday, January 1, 2017

Worker Cam? Child Cam?

Last night I learned of a cheap used 1080p camera on eBay called the Kodak Zi8. It seems like a very simple tool to operate and costs only around $30-60 USD (used). I might try buying 1 or 2 of these units and then using them in the movie. Possibly as a person cam!! I could attach the recording camera to a person working the garbage or a child walking around and film from their perspective. Not sure how wide a field of view these things have, but it might be worth getting. They are physically the size of a iPhone. I will buy 1 to see if works for me and if does get a backup later.

Update*  I ended up buying the Zi8 pictured below for $24.99 USD plus shipping. It comes with a 8GB SD card. I will try posting some video made with this simple 1080p video camera after I recieve it (maybe some darkroom work video). If I like the unit I will buy a second one as a back up. I find my tools always break down in Asia, especially electronic cameras! Best to have a back up plan. :)

Also got a cheapo $3.99 USD (free shipping) case for it with a belt clip. I hope it fits the camera, it is designed for a simliar sized iPhone. I want to adapt this case (cut a hole in it) to allow me to mount it on the neck area of my subjects t-shirt to try and do the person cam idea mentioned above. Not sure this will work but going to give it a try. This whole outfit cost $29 USD, so if it fails no biggy, it was worth the try.

Kodak Zi8