Friday, January 27, 2017

Bought Me A Mini Desktop Tripod From China

I picked up a $37 USD aluminum MINI tripod today (.99 cent shipping). I wanted something that was very small but somewhat adjustable and stable. The idea for this thing is that I can carry it everywhere, all the time, and mount my non caged second BMPCC video body to it. The camera is extremely light depending on the lens it is configured with. The problem with the unit is not the image quality which is outstanding but the movement you get when hand holding it (can be unwatchable). I wanted to use the camera with a gimbo steady cam device but also mounted to a tripod. With this mini tripod I can now quickly set it up for low angle shots in the dump, or for shots inside peoples shack homes. The tripod could also be used in interview situations, set up on a table in front of the seated subject etc.

This could be one of those minor buys that could turn into a very important piece of gear. If I get one good shot in my movie with it, then it was money well spent.

Mini desktop tripod
Here are the tripods specs:

Max height 17.3 inch
Min height 9.4 inch
Max load 11 lbs
Weight 28.5 oz