Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Things I Need To Do PRE-LEAVE

With the 6 month Work LEAVE seemingly going to have I need to prepare for it. Here is a list of things I need to do before I depart Canada, probably in mid August.

1) Get in better physical condition. I need to cut down my weight and improve my overall strength and wind.
     - watch what I eat.
     - raise my night shift workouts to a higher level. I need to do more push ups, sit ups, chin ups,
     stretching and stairs.
    - I need to start swimming first slowly eventually at a higher level.
    - I need to bike again when weather permits.

2) Learn to be a film maker.
     - Continue to study and improve on the editing software, Premiere Pro and Audition.
     - Learn my audio recorders, and video cameras, lights and other tech stuff.
     - Read every book on film making I can get a hold of.
     - Watch a ton of documentary films, take notes and learn!

3) Finish printing-spotting-matting-framing my AGSA exhibition photographs.
4) Take care of some preventative dental stuff.
5) Save money, I will need $10000-$20000 CAD. I need to save at least $10000 before I leave.
6) Prepare everything at home for my 6 month time away (lots of things to coordinate).