Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Email: Emotion

This is an email portion written to a friend about the importance of emotion in my coming film:

I worry about my film..how to do it? I think I need to fall back on honest emotion it has always served me well. Whether through the photographic work or in speeches like the eulogy I did for dad, pure emotion, heartfelt honest emotion works best...
I have always been pretty good at finding emotional connections on my trips, crying bar workers, telling me about their lives (1999 Bkk), doped out drug rants (oakland), impassioned  half crazyed man (volunteer), poor fly covered sickly children (Dump).... orphan boxers sadly explaining their lives (klong toey slum)...a different kind of love (3 hearts project)...etc etc...the trick is to get that emotion on film! and to communicate it in a effective, coherent, truthful way....it will be the hardest artistic challenge of my life

If my film has emotion and makes viewers tear up, even cry, if that happens I have probably done a good job with the message.. I also want to put in a bit of humour...not sure on how to do that. Need to do it in a way that does not undercut the seriousness of the project.