Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Got My 14mm Lumix Lens

Just got my Panasonic/Lumix 14mm lens from the mail lady. Gosh is this thing small and tiny. The lens was shipped to me from Japan (cost was $148 USD with free shipping), in 5 layers of bubble wrap. I kept cutting away the layers and the package got smaller and smaller and smaller yet again. Finally I got down to the end and there was this tiny, itty bitty lens in the last section.

The 14mm Lumix converts to about a 43mm (35mm camera equivalent) on the BMPCC (Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera) without any converters and has auto-focus/exposure features. I want to use it mounted to my Blackmagic pocket as a quick point and shoot grab video tool. I will keep it in my pocket, for my entire 6 month trip. All the other lens I use with the BMPCC are way to big to slip into a pocket. Have to do some searching to see if I have a 46mm Hoya UV filter somewhere to protect the lens, if not have to get one off EBay. I expect this thing to get heavy use, I need to protect the glass.