Friday, January 13, 2017

Email: Webpage For The Film, Film Work

Here is an email about the reasons behind my new website (blog) for my coming documentary film.
Update* I think this site will help focus on the film. I can send the site link with the film festival submissions or to reviewers or to film people or what-who-ever. They can see the blogs-info-stories-trailers-video files-photos made for the documentary film and only the film. It will be a less confusing, focused site about the film and only the film.
I am going to do up a FREE web page documenting-promoting the coming film in Asia. One of the books I am reading on documentary film making recommends a film website. The idea is to promote the film, to start a buzz etc. I will be post info, back stories, film trailers and short film sequences here.
Lorne if your interested you can follow the creative process, good and bad, difficult and easy that I will be going through. You can enter the lives of the families of the dump. You can see that world almost first hand. Maybe the viewer will see and learn and understand that world and the film I am making about it a bit better.
Hopefully this site will also help generate some donations for the families. Many folks talk of helping but do not, maybe seeing the film made, maybe seeing the eyes of the children head on, will get them off their non-donating, non-helping asses!!:))
It will probably take me a couple of years to complete everything. Please pass it on to those you think might find it interesting (family/friends/others). I just have the address so far, will be creating a more decent looking page in the coming days. I hope I can make a movie of enough quality that it can be submitted and accepted at some lower end film festivals.
Here is the films website.
I will also of course keep my regular blog going which I have been writing on for 10 years now