Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Art Gallery Of Saint Albert (AGSA) 2017 Exhibition Catalog

Got a bunch of nice AGSA exhibition catalogs sent to me yesterday. These catalogs are for me to hand out, dads group show is scheduled for August 3-September 2, 2017 and is titled "Healing Process". The opening for the show is August 3 from 1800-2100 hrs. There also might be some press interviews connected to this opening.

Moving up in gallery weight class does have its benefits. A nice little catalog, a CARFAC exhibition fee and possible press interviews. Plus you get to show at an upscale space and have a more important addition for your CV.

I will have to work my LEAVE to make my documentary film around that August 3 date. I might have to leave after the  photo shows opening night.

Everyone is invited to the opening night and and to the exhibition. Please come on down!!! I would love to talk to you all, this looks to be one of the best shows I have been lucky enough to be a part of. I am so happy to have the opportunity to bring dad back again for all to see. I get to spend time with in the darkroom as I print the work and then get to show it and talk about his life to everyone. What a joy photography is. "Ain't Photography Grand!!"

With all this recent documentary film making talk-study-work, I cannot lose sight of my first love "Still Photographs"!

Note* The other members of the exhibition "Healing Process"are, Sima Elizabeth Shefrin from BC and Darian Goldin Stahl from the USA. Looking forward to meeting them. HMM..wonder if I need to invent a middle name to go along with the invented Gerry Yaum name, Gerry "Vonderkonglongdilolibaumlaum" Yaumhas a nice ring to it!

Here is the catalogues write up for "Healing Process".

The creative process is a healer. Healing Process brings together three artists who each use their artistic practice to explore the illlnesses of their loved ones, to shed light on treatment, pain and tragedy, and reconcile their own emotions and understanding of their experiences.

Social documentary photography Gerry Yaum, seeks to tell the stories of forgotten and marginalized people. His deeply personal series My Fathers Last Days documents the final 13 months of his father's battle with pancreatic cancer. Through a series of poignant black and white portraits, Yaum attempts to understand and capture his father's struggle and create a memorial for him.

British Columbia-based artist Sima Elizabeth Shefrin's innovative series the Embroided Cancer Comic Chronicles her journey with her husband following his prostate cancer diagnosis. The embroidered-fabric pieces focus on the couple's day-to-day and life changing events as acquiesce and experience the unexpected impacts of cancer treatment.

Darian Goldin Stahl's intriguing installation, MRI IN USE includes a series of life-sized suspended hospital gown prints. These transparent forms seemingly hover between the gallery space and the viewer. The print-based installation emerged from an ongoing collaboration between the artist and her sister---a clinical bioethicist diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Stahl's work offers a glimpse into the experience of navigating a medical diagnosis and living chronic illness.

AGSA Exhibition Catalogue for 2017, with my dad in it :))