Tuesday, January 10, 2017

LEAVE From Work Looking VERY Positive

My LEAVE from work is looking very positive right. I have approval from 3 of the 4 folks I need to say yes (site rep, site gm, site security supervisor), I just need to get clearance now from my security company. It looks to be the longer 6 month LEAVE.

I am elated at this point, filled with optimism and hope at the creative possibilities in front of me. Imagine, 6 months to make my documentary film, 6 months to make photographs. 'Ain't Life Grand!" "Ain't Film Making Grand!!" "Ain't Photography Grand!!!".

I think I need to figure out a way to take my 8x10 view camera with me this trip, so that I can do available light portraits in the dump and elsewhere. My check in bags will be weighed down with all the video and other film gear as well as a big laptop but I got to figure out a way to do this. 6 months in Asia will allow me so many wonderful opportunities, finally after all these years, shooting 8x10 Tri-x film in available light, what a joy that would be!!! :)))))))))))))))