Thursday, January 5, 2017

Bought Me A Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Set

Gosh I spent more money yet again. Hope I did the right thing but I found this deal online today, could not resist it. The fellow selling it seemed like a nice person and his gear package seemed like a very good deal. I paid $2100 USD plus the shipping costs (unknown?) to Canada for 2-3 boxes. The buy now price was originally $2500 but the seller was decent to me and came down a bit.

This system looks pretty awesome and pro level. I am not even sure what everything is in the package but will figure things out as I go along. I ended up getting 2 Blackmagic Pocket Cameras and 2 Metabones Speedboosters for Canon EF lens. I can now use my 3 Canon lens with these 2 Blackmagic pocket cameras along with my RA Leica lens (with my RA Metabones Speedbooster).

Everything in the pictures is included for the $2100. Some of the items included are not listed in the sellers EBay advert (placed at the bottom of this blog). Glad I will probably not leave till August, I need time to earn money and pay for all of this video gear! This better turn into a damn good film!!!

Update* Now that I have all this new gear plus the gear I bought earlier I am GEARED OUT. I have everything I need and more. I will probably be leaving some of the earlier bought movie stuff behind as I will only be taking the best tools with me.The trick now is to make art with all those tools, make an important movie(s) that tell important stories in strong effective and creative ways.

I do not need to buy any more gear outside of upgrading my editing computer to its max capacity before I leave.  Time to pay everything off (luckily I have holiday and STAT pay coming soon) and to start saving dollars for my trip. If it is an extended trip of 6 months I will need from $10000 to $20000 to pay for travel and day to day living expenses, plus some extra money for dump donations. Six months is a long time in Asia, I want to make sure I have enough money to get by. I will be living very cheaply, eating Thai foods, renting a room (no hotels), no drinking, no smoking or any of those vices but I will need to save some dollars before I leave Canada.

Update* I had some issues with paying for the purchase. It took a bunch of work on both the sellers end and my end to get the payment through. As a result the seller kindly ncluded a lens for my troubles. A 16mm-160mm F2.2. Do not know anything else about the lens but FREE is FREE, it can't be a bad thing. 

I am selling this package to fund the purchase of some new equipment. This gear has been well cared for and has not been used in any adverse conditions. Everything is functioning perfectly and has very little show of wear. The camera has been in a protective cage since it came out of the box from the manufacturer and The camera and lenses have always been stored in protective cases in temperature controlled environments.

2x Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera
2x Metabones Active BMPCC to EF Adapter
2x Manfrotto 501HDV
1x Manfrotto Bogen 055XB
1x Manfrotto MVM250A
1x Viewfactor BMPCC Cage
1x Camtree Hut BMPCC Cage
1x Proaim 15mm Rod Suport
1x Aluminium 15mm Rail System
1x Zacuto Optical Viewfinder
1x Camera Handle
2x 9800mAh 12V Lithium Ion Battery
2x EN-EL20 Charger
12x EN-EL20
1x Indi Systems Follow Focus
4x Sandisk 64GB SD Card
1x Transend USB3.0 Card Reader
1x 1.5' HDMI Cable
1x 3' HDMI Cable

Total Used Value: $4740.00
Total Asking Price: $2500.00