Sunday, January 1, 2017

Maxing Out The HP EliteBook 8760w Computer

I have been thinking of my computer and its capabilities lately. With a possible 6 month trip on the horizon and with such an important project as the dump documentary film is. I feel I need to max out my computers capabilities.

I will therefore put in all 3 possible hard drives and all the RAM the computer can handle. That will bring the system up to its max level of 32GB RAM and 5TB of hard drive space (1TB, 2TB, 2TB drives). I will have to remove the current DVD player to fit in the third hard drive. I might take along a external Blu-ray/DVD player I already own (bought it to make dads funeral tribute video). Sometimes I like to watch movies in my off time and a DVD player comes in handy. I could also use it to rewatch some important documentary films to feed the inspiration tree!

I think this is the right move, hope so. I will do all the buys off of eBay and do the installs myself using YouTube video instruction. I still need to buy a bit more RAM a second 2TB hard drive and a second hard drive caddy (optical bay).