Monday, January 30, 2017

Audio Diary

Found a new use for my editing HP EliteBook, making "Audio Diary" sound files. The idea is to make short audio recordings over the next year plus (did my first tonight) recording the process of making this documentary and my life in general. I can be more up front and honest in these things as they are private without the world reading in (yes that means you!). A side benefit is they might be used in the actual film or at some later date for some other projects. I always thought it would be cool to write a autobiography, so maybe these recordings could fit in there somewhere. One of my old photo contacts told me she was writing a novel, that opens up possibilities in my mind all round! What would be a good autobiography title how bout, "Ain't Life Grand!"

Anyway will see how these "Audio Diary" things go, they might be easier than writing, more fluent and honest. The voice can be more effective than the pen, at least for me, you can hear so much more nuance. You can feel the life experience of the person speaking to you.