Thursday, January 12, 2017

Got My Chinese Made Monopod Today

I got my large Chinese made monopod today. It looks like a quality piece of gear. I will compare it in size, weight, ability and need to the Manfrotto mono-pod I have coming in the big Black Magic camera EBay buy.  Which ever monopod works better I will take with me to Asia, one is enough. I will not have room to bring two with me. I think the Manfrotto version might work better because it is a bit smaller and lighter. Will have to see! After I receive both pods and complete my testing it should become more obvious.

I did not mean to buy 2 mono-pods, that was an accident. I had just bought the Chinese version and then found out about the large Black Magic auction with the Manfrotto mono-pod included. So it was sort of a oops got too many those things now, thingy. Still it might work out as these 2 units are quite different. I can choose and test the best one for my film making purposes. I will use the extra mono-pod I am sure at a later date. I have so much gear, something gotta work on it :)) Will try to make the best of my mistake.