Tuesday, January 24, 2017

BMPCC Gear Bag Looks GREAT!

Been playing with my new video gear all night work. Everything looks in good working shape. Besides the 2 BMPCC bodies there are a ton of extras, 2 camera cages, follow focus, tripod rig rail set up, 2 EF Speedboosters, an couple of C lens (one huge!), small Tascam sound recorder, SD cards with 2 Pelican cases, Rode microphone, lots of other stuff and a great wheeled Husky red tool bag.  I will probably take the tool bag as a carry on for all my various camera gear/film, the thing is built very tough.

Got the gear, now I need to figure out how to run everything, how to do all the tech stuff. After I learn to do everything technically, I need to forget all the gadgetry and tool thinking and concentrate on telling my story effectively. That is the big mystery to me, what to shoot with the cameras, what to record with the audio recorders and then how to put it all together in some kind of coherent story. Filmmaking is hard and I have not even really started yet.